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Last Tuesday, the 3 way trade between Ginebra-Bmeg-Barako has finally been completed. In the approved trade, Ginebra will get the services of Rico Maeirhofer ( from Bmeg ) and Allein Mailiksi( from Barako), the Llamados will get the shooting Giant Yancy De Ocampo( from Ginebra) and 2012 2nd round pick (from Ginebra), while Barako will get the former NCAA finals MVP Jimbo Aquino and a 2013 1st round pick (from Ginebra) Positive and Negative side of each trade...
  • Barako Bull
    • Positive 
      • Additional 1st round pick for the 2013 draft ( talents may come from the Sinag Pool)
      •  Got a Hot shooting guard 
      • The SF position is not clogged anymore, with only Ababou, Salvacion and Najorda sharing the spot
      • Lot of CASH gain
    • Negative
      • Why trade a player whose playing good basketball in your team?
  • Bmeg Llamados
    • Positive
      • Got a player whose comfortable in set-up plays
      • Yancy may fit in Tiangle compared to Rico
      • Got an additional pick for next year's draft
    • Negative
      • Yancy is aging
      • Rico Mambo is Rico Mambo is hustle is extraordinaire
      • Clogged in center/forward position
      • Yancy is soft
  • Barangay Ginebra
    • Positive
      • Addition of 2 young bloods
      • Lastikman can fill up the spot of the Hbomb 
      • Having Maliksi can be the replacement to another Ginebra High Flyer that is offered to another team. 
    • Negative
      • The two came from injuries, can they bounce back?
      • The kings only left with one available legitimate center

Analyzing the trade, we can say that the Kings is the winner of the trade. 

Also, after the approval of the trade, the news came out that the Management gave NEW PROPOSALS to 2 more teams to the second Phase of the Trade,


  • Team 1 
    • Option 1 = Ginebra wants to to get the Center of this team, but Team 1 wanna get 3 players from the Kings.
    • Option 2 = Ginebra will get the other Center and a Forward of this team, Ginebra will give 3 players and draft picks if necessary.
  • Team 2
    • If Gins will not get Team 1's center, team 2 will come in
    • Ginebra will get a center/forward, but as we all know, conduit team is needed ;)

The proposals given can be interconnected or not, expect this trade atleast this month or next month. Team 1 is strugglling but their pride is so HIGH, we know how the management of this team handle trades, in Filipino "ayaw nila magpalugi".

But we will see..

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