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MANILA, Philippines — Talk ‘N Talk center Ali Peek, in the hospital recuperating after being shot by a lone gunman last Monday, is in high spirits but is not yet out of the woods and faces a decision that may affect whether he will play again.

Doctors have given him and his family two options, one of them will be to leave the bullet lodged in his nape to sit where it is and guaranteed him that his life will be fairly normal. But he is unlikely to play again.

The second option is to operate on him, remove the bullet and wait just a few months and he will be good as new. But the operation is fraught with danger.

Even the best doctors could not guarantee that an operation of this kind is trouble free since the bullet is too close to the spinal cord, one or two millimeters away, said a PBA official who was told by a doctor.

A missed cut or incision may cause instant paralysis.

On the other hand, the first option guarantees full recovery but he may have to retire from the game. If he opts to play, a hard foul or a fall may push the bullet towards the spinal cord and the result would also be paralysis.

Practically incommunicado and under heavy guard at the Medical City Hospital where a “no visitor” sign hangs on the door, Peek, 36, the burly 6-4 center of current PBA Philippine Cup co-leader Talk ‘N Text, was reunited with his mother, Marlene, and other members of the family who arrived Wednesday from the United States.

As of yesteday, the family was reportedly still weighing the options and a decision is expected within the week.

Peek remained upbeat and complained only of having periodic pain in the neck, especially when he tries to swivel from one direction to the other.

“Otherwise, he’s feeling well,” said PBA media director Willie Marcial who visited the player the other day.

He said Peek was very animated, moving around and looked okay.

“He can even check out anytime,” said Marcial who accompanied PBA commissioner Chito Salud to visit Peek.

The decision, whatever it will be, will come from the family, TNT coach Chot Reyes said in his Twitter acount.

TNT guard Jimmy Alapag, one of two persons Peek contacted minutes after he was shot at the parking lot of the RFM Gym, said that his teammate is “doing okay.”.

“He’s fine. But you know, out of respect to the family, we don’t want to discuss it right now. What we want to ask our fans, our fellow players, our PBA family, is for prayers for Ali,” Alapag said.

Meantime, the police have not received any feedback on the identity of the assailant after a sketch of the suspect was released the other day.

TNT management led by Manny Pangilinan has put up a P500,000 reward leading to the arrest of the gunman.


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